English for beginners – how to overcome a language barrier and start speaking a foreign language

Language learners frequently struggle with the problem of breaking the language barrier. It happens when we start learning a foreign language and we attend classes for beginners. Nevertheless, even the most advanced students, who know grammar very well and have rich vocabulary, tend to be shy when it comes to speaking in a foreign language.
Language barrier is strictly related to stress caused by fear and shame which we feel when we make a mistake. Such a blockade interferes with casual conversation and takes away all the joy of sharing opinions with foreigners. Numerous people face such a problem, hence there are a lot of ways occurring to overcome it.

Mistakes as a part of learning

Fear of making mistakes is the most frequent reason of creating a barrier when we speak in a foreign language. However, the truth is that mistakes are crucial when it comes to language learning. It allows us to notice which aspects of language need to be improved. On account of that we have a possibility to improve a particular language skill.
In addition, we should remember that the aim of a casual conversation is not using complicated grammatical structures but getting the main message across. As long as an interlocutor understands us, we achieve our goal.


The aim of a conversation is communication, telling an interlocutor what we mean. Therefore, it is not a problem if we get stuck in the middle of a conversation when we forget a particular word. The most important here is to improvise and continue speaking. There are multiple ways of showing our opinion even if we forget a particular word or phrase. We may use comparison, synonyms or even gestures. You are allowed to use various ways to get your message across.

Language course plus regular communication in the target language

In order to achieve good results in language learning it is essential to communicate in the target language as much as possible. Using it in your everyday life is a great way of speeding up the process of studying. Language immersion causes that it becomes a part of our life and we practice it. Labelling objects, listening to the radio or watching TV in a foreign language are simple and free methods of familiarising ourselves with colloquial language which is used in communication. Listening and imitating improves your accent as well. It is really beneficial to join a language group or Internet forum offering learning by common conversations with native speakers.

Use every moment for practice

Last but not least, regular studying is the most important aspect of the whole language learning process. We should review the material we study at every possible moment. Not only it consolidates it but also causes that simple sentences turns into more complex ones. It helps to participate in difficult discussions and gets rid of the language barrier once and for all.

Bridges, not barriers

Even though breaking language barrier is difficult, it is not impossible. It requires much effort and additional work but, as mentioned before, these are not complicated steps to be taken. Thanks to conscientiousness and practice we achieve our goals and are able to speak a foreign language without a problem.


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