10 reasons why people should learn foreign languages

Nowadays the ability to be fluent in a foreign language is worth its weight in gold. Although it takes time to learn a new language and it requires systematic learning, it is worth taking the effort.

Below you will find 10 reasons why people should learn foreign languages. Do not wait any longer, take lessons today!

  1. Study or live abroad

Knowledge of a foreign language certainly helps us if we want to make changes in our lives, experience an amazing, exciting adventure or face new challenges. Knowledge of a foreign language gives us new, previously unknown opportunities for professional and personal development.

  1. Get a chance for more attractive employment conditions

More and more companies try to reach foreign customers and need employees who know English. We can gain new perspectives in tourism, international trade, government agencies, the education industry and many more if we know foreign languages.

Research carried out in Switzerland has shown that people who can speak more than one language get a higher salary (on average by 20%), irrespective of their education and other skills.

  1. Meet new people and make friends for life

Efficient communication in a foreign language gives you a great opportunity to meet many interesting people, make friends or even find the love of your life. You have an amazing opportunity to make friends with people from other cultural backgrounds and you can understand them better if you know foreign languages.

  1. Discover the world on your own

Thanks to the knowledge of foreign languages we have a chance to reach less commercial places where we will not meet crowds of tourists. We can be more independent and we do not have to rely on travel agents offer when we decide about our trips. The more words or structures we know in a given language, the better we are able to get to know the culture and history of the nation, and also communicate with the people more easily. We have a chance to feel the authentic character of a given country, taste the local cuisine and gain unique experience if we spend time far from popular tourist attractions.

  1. Exercise Your Brain

It is well known that one of the most effective ways to stimulate the brain is learning foreign languages. Although acquiring new vocabulary and word combinations may sound like a laborious and boring occupation it is, however, an excellent training for our brains. Systematic learning improves not only our ability to concentrate but also our memory and we can learn each set of words faster.

People who can speak foreign languages fluently are more creative, able to solve problems and gain more knowledge about how to deal with changes in today’s world.

  1. Improve your ability to make right decisions

Scientists from the University of Chicago carried out the research which has shown that speaking in a foreign language supports the process of making the right decisions. The problem  presented to us in a language which is not our mother tongue causes that we consider it more rationally and we are less susceptible to the influence of emotions – as we can read in  an article published in the scientific journal Psychological Science.

Those who can speak different languages apart from the native ones have better skills in critical thinking and decision making.

  1. Open yourself to other people and their behaviours

Learning a foreign language and thus broadening knowledge about culture and worldview are the best ways to understand individual behaviors and customs. Watching the world from a different perspective is a fascinating, instructive experience.

  1. Gain knowledge about yourself

Knowledge of foreign languages increases our self-esteem, gives us great satisfaction and feeling of independence – we are able to communicate with every person we meet. Awareness that there is no language barrier between you and the other speaker, no matter where we go, and that we will not experience any problems with understanding and communication is a strong reason for learning languages.

  1. Get to know your mother tongue better

Studies have shown that those who can speak foreign languages also have a better knowledge of languages in general. Thus they use their mother tongue more effectively and better understand their native language and notice improvement in any of their language skills. The longer we learn foreign languages, the better results we get in reading with understanding, attentive listening and faster memorization.

  1. Use international cultural heritage

Learning foreign languages means not only using educational materials but also foreign literature or but also gives us opportunity to start courses improving our skills in a foreign language. Moreover, if we know foreign languages we can simply watch films without voice over, listen to podcasts, follow blogs dedicated to the use of other languages, keep up to date with the latest trends in science, fashion, music and any other fields that are interesting to us.


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