Digital game-based learning is a motivational, challenging and rewarding process that can be fun, too. Most people need effective and interactive experiences that motivate them to actively participate in the learning process – whether it is a corporate training or a university course – and one of the ways to do this is through game-based learning.

This method involves the use of computer games specifically aimed to produce learning outcomes. These games are designed to balance the subject materials and the gameplay, with opportunities to assess the material-retention of the learner, by making them apply theory in lifelike and realistic scenarios. An effective game-based environment helps learners experience consequences of their actions in a risk-free setting. This allows learners to fail and to learn from their mistakes, revise their actions until they figure out the right way to do things with the help of the teacher or trainer, and fellow learners.

Game-based learning (both in corporate and academic environments) can be effective because the learning takes place in a meaningful context and include competition, engagement, rewarding tasks, immediate reinforcement and feedback.

How to implement technology into your trainings or classes? Well, it requires proper planning, developing a meaningful material and combining it with the right game-based learning tools. Teachers and trainers must consider what is possible in the given subject by using game-based learning, in order to maximize its advantages during your course.

For examples, you can consult your “Possible uses” sections for Management and participant-improvement related courses so that you can learn more where a simulation can be useful. What do you think? Let us know via FacebookLinkedIn or email.via eLearningIndustry and Teacher Magazine.

(Source of the article:,  Published: 2017.01.16.)




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