Christmas traditions in the USA



The scene of unpacking beautifully wrapped gifts on the Christmas morning is the most common association with American Christmas, mostly known from movies.

Have you ever wondered what Christmas looks like in the USA? Let’s have a closer look at the Christmas traditions in the US.


Celebrating the festive season starts with Christmas cards. They are colorful, showing family pictures, pretty portraits or funny moments from the past year. Everybody sends cards to family, friends, or neighbors. That’s a very popular tradition, cultivated in all the states in the USA.


Driving along the streets in December, you can feel the atmosphere of the coming Christmas. Every house and porch are decorated with lights, ornaments, figures of  Santas or raindeers.

The most popular tree is the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree in New York which attracts a lot of tourists every year.


Americans celebrate Christmas on December 25th. The day before, on Christmas Eve, kids leave out some cookies and milk for Santa who comes at night with Christmas presents. This is the moment of happiness for all children, as they wake up early in the morning and rush to unpack gifts lying under the Christmas tree. Caroling completes the cozy and Christmasy-family moments.

The traditional meal for Americans is turkey or ham loaf with the cranberry sauce and lot of other festive foods. The most popular drink is egg-nog, a traditional Christmas drink made of alcohol with beaten eggs and milk.

As America is a huge country, relatives very often live far away from each other, so the holiday time is a great opportunity to gather the whole family and spend time together.


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