Current Issues of Brain Multitasking


Nowadays, we are living in the world that is in the process of a rapid technological development. Owing to the abundance of electronic media, the tasks we do in our everyday life become easier. Thus, constant usage of those assets leads to the increased multitasking performance. Whether being a student or an office worker, we may be talking on the phone, checking e-mail, listening to the music, and performing an essential job at a time. Apparently, the ability to have a number of small things complete triggers dopamine production, which in its turn gives us satisfaction. However, recent studies have highlighted the pernicious influences of the capacity to multitask.

Multitasking, according to the research conducted by French scholars, turns out to be less beneficial as it might seem. Experiments have shown that the brain is not capable of efficiently performing more than two tasks due to the fact that we have only two hemispheres at our disposal. People working on more than two things appeared to take longer to complete tasks, made more mistakes, and their efficiency decreased. Furthermore, the University of London has provided evidence that “individuals who multitasked while performing cognitive tasks experienced significant IQ drops.”  No doubt, it does not concern most of the daily tasks which are done automatically. On the contrary, people are remarkably good at them. Nevertheless, driving, for example, may pose a hazard if being slightly distracted. In the end, following the experts’ advice, no matter how tempting the desire of doing many things at once may be, we should not succumb but focus on that one task until it is done properly.

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