Au pair stories


One day I decided to change my life, move out to a different country with a different culture and language. That day totally changed the next two years of my life. I decided to be an au pair in the USA.

I found an agency which organized cultural exchange programs, helped me with visa and with finding American host families to work for and live with. I chose a lovely family, filled out all the paperwork, applied for a visa, and was ready to start my American adventure.

My first step was an au pair training school in New York! I spent my first year on the East Coast where I lived in beautiful and green Connecticut, 40 min away from breathtalking and bustling Manhattan. For the second year I moved to the idyllic and stunning California. It’s a dream come true, isn’t it?

People in the USA seemed much nicer than I had thought they would be and learning English and achieving goals was much easier than I had expected and there seemed to be no limit on the amount of traveling I could do. One week I rode a bike throughout all of Manhattan, during another week I drove a rented car in California from windy San Francisco via chic Los Angeles to sunny San Diego. Yet another week I spent partying with friends in Las Vegas. This was everyday au pair life! We were meeting up with other au pairs after work, the most popular meeting spot being Starbucks,  and we planned crazy adventures and fun stuff to do.

Living with two American families was an amazing experience as well. I was treated as if I was a member of the family, learnt a new culture, and shared a lot of amazing moments with them.

During my stint as an au pair, I met a lot of people from all around the world. We were traveling together, meeting up in the city, discovering new areas, and trying local food.

More about the au pair life in the USA in the next chapter.




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