Quote time – Albert Einstein

„Gravitation cannot be held responsible for people falling in love



Let’s take a look at some idiomatic expressions connected with the topic of love:


  • fall in love with sb – to start to feel love for a person, for example, She fell in lovewith him the moment she saw him
  • find Mr.Right – to find the right person to marry, to set up a family with, for instance, I hope one day I will find Mr.Right
  • have a crush on somebody – to be in love with somebody quite intensively for a short period of time and with no results, for example, Eric has a crush on that girl
  • head over heels in love with (sb) – to be absolutely in love with sb, for instance, Sheis head over heels in love with Stevehe talks about nothing but him!
  • kiss and make up – to make up after a fight or an argument, for example, After avery long quarrel they kissed and made up
  • love at first sight – to fall in love with sb the moment we see them, for example,When I saw him at John’s, it was love at first sight. I knew I was going to marry him!



Do you know in which European country people kiss under a blossoming cherry tree on the 1st of May?


a) Norway

b) the Czech Republic

c) France



The answer is b. In the Czech Republic people celebrate two love days, namely, the 14th of February (as people do almost all over the world) and the 1st of May. On the 1st of May a kiss under a cherry tree is said to bring happiness and fertility.



            THANK YOU!






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